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2. Ethical Aspects

3. Consumer and Regulatory Aspects

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The Emerging Sciences in the News

  • Unfair may be fair as genetics conflate steroids:
    Discoveries in genetics, physiology and nanotechnology are creating new challenges to definitions of cheating. Professor Julian Savulescu has argued that advances in science mean that attitudes towards the use of performance enhancing technologies in sport must change, in an interview with (Article)

  • The drugs do work:
    Justin Gatlin was the world's fastest man - then, like so many sprinters before him, he failed a dope test and was banned. But the cheats who follow in his wake will be using substances that may be impossible to detect. Observer science editor Robin McKie talks to leading geneticists about the rise of the bionic athlete - and why, in this chilling new world, sport is not the only thing that will be changed beyond recognition. (Article)