Peter Taylor

Dr Peter Taylor

Consultant Researcher

Dr Peter Taylor is a Research Fellow concentrating on the area of risk with the Institute for Science and Ethics and the Oxford Martin School. Peter spent 25 years working in the Lloyd's insurance market where he has managed IT and loss modelling departments and led and participated in many projects. He has been a director of insurance broking and underwriting companies and market organisations, and helped to establish the Lighthill Risk Network, a non-profit organisation that brings together the business and scientific communities for their mutual benefit. Peter is still an active consultant in the City of London, but spends as much time as he can working with the Program. Peter has a long-standing interest in all aspects of risk, whether in insurance or in science generally, particularly the practical application of the theory of risk, and the analysis of emerging risks. Peter has a background in the foundations of quantum theory for which he was awarded his D. Phil at Oxford, and in July 2007 organised the Everett@50 Conference at the Philosophy Centre in Oxford. Peter makes regular conference speeches to the insurance industry on the subject of risk and has, since June 2010, worked on Solvency II consultancy and software and in 2012 helped found the not-for-profit Oasis Loss Modelling Framework for open source catastrophe loss modelling.