Professor Neil Levy

Research Associate

Professor Neil Levy specialises in free will and moral responsibility, and empirical approaches to ethics. He has published widely on many topics in philosophy, including bioethics, applied philosophy, continental philosophy and free will. He is the author of 4 books and over 50 articles in refereed journals. He has written a book on neuroethics for Cambridge University Press (2007).



  • Levy, N., (2007), 'Anosognosia as Self-Deception', Atelier Franco-Australian Conference on Delusions, Ecole Normale Superieure,  Paris, (3 March)


  • Levy, N., (2006), 'The Role of Consciousness in Moral Responsibility', Inland Northwest Philosophy Conferences, Moscow, Idaho, (31 March)
  • Levy, N., (2006), 'The Failure of Agent-Causation', Bled Philosophy Conference, Bled, Slovenia, (30 May)
  • Levy, N., (2006), 'The Somatic Marker Hypothesis and the Treatment of P.T.S.D.' Oxford Neuroethics Workshop, Oxford, (6 Marc