Interview with Mark Sheehan: Collaboration and positive change

In this interview Sheehan outlines some of the collaborative projects in which he has been involved since joining the Oxford Martin School. 

Highlighted collaborations include:

  • 'Commodifying Carbon: The Ethics of Markets in Nature' workshop (with ECI) - the outcomes of this workshop are helping to inform policy and opinion on carbon markets.
  • 'Ethics, Equipoise and Research on Charged Particle Therapy' conference (with PTCRI) - delegates at the conference have drafted a consensus document which they hope will have a big impact on the future of Charged Particle Therapy.
  • "Why is ‘failed’ research important?" paper (with input from Steve Rayner of INSIS), on ‘failed research’ and the potential benefits of publication of negative results.

Link to full interview on Oxford Martin School website.

This is the first in a series of interviews with JM Fellows, conducted by Julia Banfield, Communications Officer, Oxford Martin School.

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