How The Light Gets In 2012: Enhancing Morality Video

'Enhancing Morality' video from 'How The Light Gets In 2012' now available.

Julian Savulescu participated in this 2012's 'How The Light Gets In' festival at Hay-on-Wye. 

Saturday 9th June 5pm
Enhancing Morality - a conversation between Julian Savulescu and John Harris on the potential for moral enhancements, exploring their different perspectives on the subject.

Sunday 10th June 12pm
The Perfect Human - a panel discussion on the subject of perfectionism and the human body and how and what it means to strive for perfection, placed in the context of the Olympics.  Panellists were Julian Savulescu, Heather Widdows and Matthew Syed, with Caspar Melville in the chair.

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