Academic Visitors

The Faculty bestows the title of ĎAcademic Visitorí upon a number of people each term. This is an informal status intended to allow the visitor to undertake private research for a period of up to on year. It does not involve the payment of fees to the University, nor does it entitle the holder to accommodation, an office, or to secretarial facilities. However, it does bring with it a University Card which entitles the holder to many privileges within the University including computing, e-mail and library rights. For this reason, the status of Academic Visitor is restricted to postholders at other universities. This includes holders of distinguished Post-doctoral Fellowships (on a par with British Academy, Royal Society, or Wellcome Trust fellowships) at other universities but does not normally include those who hold a temporary university position, or a university position while completing a doctorate. All enquiries should be copied to the Administrator at 10 Merton Street, who can confirm the details and provide the enquirer with information about the Faculty, the facilities at 10 Merton Street and about finding accommodation in Oxford. University Cards for academic visitors will normally be issued by the Administrator.

The Home Office rules on ĎAcademic Visitorí visas have recently changed, and the following conditions must be observed in order for overseas visitors to enter the UK on such a visa:

1. the person will not be filling a research post;
2. the University is not hosting a formal research project for the person;
3. the person will not be working under the control of the University during any part of the
4. the University will reap no benefit from the visit; and
5. the person is merely planning to use university facilities for their own private purposes.

If these conditions are not satisfied, and/or a work permit is required, the Faculty canít undertake to provide any support (financial or administrative) in respect of the ensuing application.