"Moral Science - Science, Ethics and Innovation": Work in Progress Workshop

Event date: 11 March 2008

Speakers: Dr Giuseppe Testa (European Institute of Oncology, Milan); Professor Torbjorn Tannsjo (University of Stockholm); Professor Michael Sandell (Professor of Government at Harvard University)

Venue: University of Oxford

Abstract: The Program on the Ethics of the New Biosciences and the Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation, based at the University of Manchester, are holding a workshop in Oxford to explore the relationship between science, ethics and innovation. Speakers will include Dr Giuseppe Testa (European Institute of Oncology, Milan) and Professor Torbjorn Tannsjo of the University of Stockholm. The subject matter of the presentations will be wide ranging and will include: the enhancement of animals, the concept of self-esteem, human cognitive enhancement, and global democracy. In the evening there will be a live video-link with Professor Michael Sandell, Professor of Government at Harvard University, and his class studying the 'Ethics, Biotechnology, and the Future of Human Nature' course.

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