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SRC Conference : Reducing Religious Conflict

Reducing Religious Conflict

University of Oxford, 18-19 June 2012

The Science and Religious Conflict Project team in the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University is pleased to announce a two-day international and interdisciplinary conference on the theme of reducing religious conflict. Conflicts between different religious groups and between religious groups, governments and broader society are endemic to modern life and have been a feature of human existence for thousands of years. What can be done to reduce the rate of occurrence and the severity of such conflicts? In this conference leading international experts from different disciplines take up the theme of reducing religious conflict. The conference is funded by Arts and Humanities Council Standard Grant AH/F019513/1.

Venue:  Lincoln College, EPA Science Centre, Museum Road, Oxford

Convenor: Dr Steve Clarke


  • Scott Atran, Anthropology (University of Michigan and National Center for Scientific Research Paris)
    Religious and Sacred Imperatives in Human Conflict
  • Liz Carmichael (Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford)
    Religion in Conflict and Peacemaking, with Particular Reference to South Africa
  • Tony Coady (Philosophy, University of Melbourne and Leverhulme Visiting Professor, University of Oxford)
    Civility and Deep Disagreement: Philosophical Reflections on Religious Differences and Public Life
  • Eran Halperin (Lauder School of Government, Israel)
    Can Emotion Regulation Change Political Attitudes in Intractable and Religious Conflict? From the Laboratory to the Field
  • Miles Hewstone ( Katarina Schmid and Ananthi Al Ramiah, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford)
    Intergroup Contact as a Means of Reducing Religious Conflict: Evidence from Belfast and Oldham
  • Julian Savulescu (Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford) and Ingmar Persson (University of Gothenburg and Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford)
    Religion and Religious Conflict: A Secular View
  • Monica Toft (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University)
    On Counterinsurgency
  • Paul Troop (Faculty of Law and Centre for Neuroethics, University of Oxford)
    How Might Understanding Human Groups Help Address Religious Conflict?

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There are currently 66 Events in our Archive. This is page 1 of 66.

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